“EVERYONE knows about her inferior character. She’s lazy and likes comfort, her private life is chaotic, her neighbors say that she committed adultery while in China.’’ This is how the Chinese government responds to allegations brought forth by Uyghur women. Foreign ministry spokesman Wang Webin discounted the “lies and rumors” of a survivor’s testimony by claiming that she had syphilis. Chinese foreign officials deploy sexist tropes to attack the character of women who have, at personal risk, shared testimony of experiencing rape and forced sterilization at the hands of the Chinese government.

Reporting from Chinese State Media reports insists that…

How do communities grapple with tragedy of epic proportion? As Jews, we are no strangers to literature born out of pain and suffering, be it Elie Weisel’s Night or Jeremiah’s Lamentations. Tahir Hamut Izgil, one of the great living Uyghur poets, conveys in speech the lived nightmare of the millions of Uyghurs and other indigenous Turkic groups in the region of China known to the state as Xinjiang, and to many Uyghurs as East Turkestan:

Your Unknown Place

“Here people’s names were not contagious,

we said they were, it came to be.

There was no sand here growing roots,


Jonah Kaye

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